The Mountain School is unusually rich in the opportunities it provides for students to live, work, and play side by side with the faculty. Each student is assigned an advisor, a faculty member who meets with that student for at least half an hour each week to check in on issues ranging from personal health to academics and time management. The advisor serves as a contact person for parents and for the sending school, and also as an advocate for the student within the Mountain School.

The advisor’s role is to help move advisees toward greater independence and self-awareness while they are at the Mountain School. Our goal is to create the safe space that will allow students to explore the difficult questions raised while living in such a small and intense academic community. Fifteen teachers, most of whom live on campus, serve as advisors, and no adult has more than four advisees. It would be extraordinary for a student to graduate from the Mountain School without having made a meaningful and lasting connection with an adult.