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A Letter from our Director, Alden Smith

This may be our most important message to students the day they arrive: We trust you. We trust you to respect each other, to do your daily chore, and to have clean fun. We trust you to tell the truth, to take care of yourselves during a three-day solo, and to ask for help when you need it.

When we deliver this message, everyone is sitting in a circle in the library. The sun has just set, and the windows are darkening. We don’t yet know each other’s names. You don’t have to earn our trust, we tell them. You are here, and you are worthy. We trust you.

It’s a radical message—possible because of the mentoring that follows, the reciprocity between students and teachers. It’s also possible because of the trust we place in you, our donors. Without you, many of these students would not be here.

Last year we made an important promise to all our applicants. If you get admitted based on your merits, we said, we will welcome you, regardless of your family’s ability to pay. We trusted that our alumni, parents, and friends would help us fulfill this promise. That trust—our trust in you—is bedrock.

Thirty-three students in 2018-19 are receiving substantial aid to make this experience possible. Now is the time to deliver on the promise we made to those families last year.

Help keep our doors open to all admitted students, regardless of their economic circumstances. Make a gift today.

Thank you.
Alden Smith, Director