Business and Technology Manager

The Mountain School
Vershire, Vermont

Beginning July 2019

The Business and Technology Manager will assume responsibility for organizing the school’s finances, building the budget, paying the school’s bills, and keeping the books. Reporting to the director and serving on the school’s management team, this leader will also communicate closely with Milton Academy, ensuring proper reporting and financial disclosures. This employee will also oversee the Mountain School’s technological infrastructure while helping support the school’s values and objectives related to technology. This full-time position includes salary and benefits.

Responsibilities include:

  • Build and maintain the budget;

  • Prepare a variety of financial statements;

  • Communicate with Milton Academy employees in HR and financial management;

  • Collaborate closely with the director and administrative team on issues related to financial health and technology;

  • Lead the maintenance and troubleshooting of all school technologies;

  • Provide support for the incorporation of technology into the classroom, in line with stated school values;

  • Know and appreciate the current students and faculty, participating in morning meetings, faculty meetings, and occasional work periods.

The successful candidate will likely demonstrate:

  • Five or more years experience working in a field related to business management, accounting, or school finances;

  • Three or more years providing information technology support;

  • Excellent organizational skills;

  • Strong communication skills;

  • Enthusiasm for collaborating with colleagues and connecting with teenagers;

  • A commitment to diversity of all kinds;

  • A values approach to technology that supports dynamic learning related to the school’s mission.

Snapshot of the Mountain School Finances

The Mountain School enjoys robust enrollment and strong annual giving. With an annual budget of three million dollars and an endowment of seven million dollars, the school holds no debt and no deferred maintenance. More than three-quarters of the budget supports people in the form of financial aid for students and faculty salaries and benefits. For the past decade, the school has raised over a million annual fund dollars each year, allowing it to retain excellent faculty, fully fund financial aid packages to all qualifying families, and to continue building the endowment.

Relationship with Milton Academy

Owned by Milton Academy, the Mountain School generates its own revenue and acts with autonomy in day-to-day operations. The business manager communicates with members of Milton Academy’s administration about issues related to financial management, HR reporting, capital projects, and cash flow. In addition, a small oversight committee visits the campus twice annually to meet and report directly to Milton Academy’s Head of School. The director, business manager, and Head of School also make personal visits between the campuses.

State of Technology

The values of simplicity, sustainability, and deep education inform the school’s posture toward technology. The school has fiber internet throughout campus buildings, a fire wall system, a FileMaker Pro database, as well as an assortment of high-quality printers and copy machines. Most students bring a laptop, and the school loans laptops to those who do not.

Some Challenges and Opportunities for the Future

The Mountain School is committed to making its financial procedures more transparent, educational, and sustainable. Teachers greet opportunities to incorporate technology into the classroom with a mixture of enthusiasm and skepticism, and the school is seeking leadership support in this area. This healthy tension extends also to the faculty’s management of technology norms for students, who experience a mixture of choice and restriction when it comes to the use of cell phones and other technologies.

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