College Counseling

Realizing that the junior year is a critical time for preparing to apply to college, we work hard to help our students begin that process at the Mountain School. During the fall term, a college counselor from Milton Academy meets with the students as a group and advises them on what to keep in mind as they consider college options. Seniors receive individual attention. In the spring, we arrange for each student to have an individual consultation with a college counselor.

Most students take standardized tests while they are here. The Mountain School administers the PSAT and all AP exams on campus. For the SAT and ACT, we drive our students to nearby testing centers in the Hanover, New Hampshire area.

The seven colleges most frequently attended by Mountain School graduates in the last seven years—in descending order—are Middlebury College, Brown University, Yale University, Dartmouth College, Bowdoin College, Oberlin College, and Williams College.

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