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For 2015-16
at the Mountain School
The Mountain School seeks a full-time Latin teacher or scholar for a one-year position with salary and benefits. We're seeking an educator who is interested in working with high school juniors enrolled in upper level honors and Advanced Placement Latin.
The teacher would be responsible for teaching two small classes of advanced Latin students (between two and eight students) and instructing in grammar, vocabulary, translation, and in reading both Caesar and Vergil.
The Latin teaching position is between .8 and full-time, and includes other responsibilities at the school: living on campus, supervising student work periods on the farm, helping students plan weekend activities, providing academic advising, advising students, and assisting with evening duty in the dormitory. The position includes more farm work in the first half of the school year because of the need to cover a Mountain School farmer on fall sabbatical.

Please send a resume, letter of interest, and names of three references to Lauren Agrella-Sevilla at lauren.agrellasevilla@mountainschool.org by May 10.