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We currently have two openings:  Director of Studies / English Teacher and Graduate Resident

The Mountain School of Milton Academy is an independent semester program that provides high school juniors the opportunity to live and work on an organic farm in Vershire, Vermont. During their four-month stay, 45 students from all over the country experience a challenging curriculum that links academic disciplines and inspires self-reflection while pushing them to reach beyond the self and focus on the common good. Outside the classroom, the program models the values of simplicity and sustainability in practices such as food preparation, energy use, and the maintenance of facilities. Through the farm, students experience the satisfaction that comes from physical work and also gain an understanding of the connections between our everyday actions and our world. The Mountain School welcomes candidates who would add to the diversity of the school community. The Mountain School is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Director of Studies/English Teacher

We are seeking an outstanding English teacher with strong administrative skills.
The director of studies oversees the academic program—including curriculum development, professional development for teachers, and communication with sending schools about academic life. Other important responsibilities include the following:
  • Teach two sections of English;
  • Manage a small dormitory;
  • Mentor three advisees;
  • Help out on the farm two afternoons a week;
  • Manage hiring and lead faculty meetings;
  • Build the semester calendar; and
  • Assist the director in strategic planning. 
The successful candidate will…
  • love working with teenagers;
  • write and speak well;
  • have good instincts for hiring, mentoring, and managing details;
  • show energy for admissions;
  • have a sense of humor;
  • understand curriculum in a broad range of subject areas; and
  • demonstrate successful experience as a teacher, a leader, and as a member of a residential school.
To apply for this position, send your resume, a concise statement of interest in this particular position, and a list of three references to trudy.amber@mountainschool.org or Trudy Amber-Dowlin, 151 Mountain School Rd, Vershire VT 05079.

We are accepting new applications through early February, and making the appointment by mid March.

Room, board, salary, medical and retirement benefits are included. 

Graduate Resident

Full-time with benefits. Work begins August 15, 2015.
The graduate resident’s responsibilities will include the following:
  • Mentor three or four advisees per semester;
  • Live in a dorm and serve as a dorm parent for two dorms, including facilitating a thirty-minute check-in four nights per week;
  • Lead student crews in the work program, including work on the farm, in the woods, in the kitchen, and around campus;
  • Supervise the students’ four-day solo camping trip, along with a veteran teacher (training provided);
  • Manage admissions work in one or more regions of the country, including giving presentations, recruiting students, and evaluating applications;
  • Attend the Diversity Directions conference (held in July in North Andover, Massachusetts) or a similar conference;
  • Share her/his own interests and passions in a way that enriches the school.
  • Provide academic support to students with a focus on critical reading and writing skills;
  • Provide time management and goal-setting support directly to students;
  • Help students plan and lead co-curricular and extra-curricular activities as part of the weekend curriculum;
  • Assist with student transportation, especially to and from routine doctor’s appointments;
The successful candidate will demonstrate an interest in and ability to…
  • Connect easily with students from a variety of backgrounds;
  • Provide academic support, including time management and basic skills in a variety of disciplines;
  • Facilitate conversations, activities, and workshops with students and faculty on issues surrounding diversity, social justice, and global events.
  • Communicate effectively with sending schools and prospective students about the Mountain School, our program, and our mission;
  • Take initiative and work independently on projects to enhance the Mountain School, both on campus and through admissions work;
  • Work with, support, and get to know students in a variety of activities and settings, and during intense spurts at times.
The successful candidate may also possess these skills and experiences…
  • Experience working at a camp or on a farm, as a tutor or peer counselor, and/or as a teacher;
  • Proficiency in the foreign languages that we teach, including Spanish, French, Chinese, and Latin.
  • A passion for activities that our students often enjoy, such as music, dance, sports, and outdoor exploration.
  • Experience as a student and graduate of the Mountain School.
The graduate resident reports to the Director of Studies, Lauren Agrella-Sevilla, the Head Advisor, Sue Kruse, and the Director of Admissions, Emily Boren. The position includes benefits, and salary is commensurate with experience.
To apply for this position send a concise letter of interest, along with a résumé and three references (contact info only), by February 15th, 2015 to Lauren Agrella-Sevilla, Director of Studies at the address below or at lauren.agrellasevilla@mountainschool.org.
Lauren Agrella-Sevilla
The Mountain School of Milton Academy
151 Mountain School Road
Vershire, VT 05079