Academic Philosophy

Academic Overview 
Students come to the Mountain School from all over the country from public and private schools. They have one thing in common: they all want to be here. 

Imagine small academic classes where students sit around one round table working together to become better writers, thinkers, and scientists. The Mountain School is a culture of collaborative thinking among students, and between students and faculty. Many teachers have been at the Mountain School for a decade or longer and all have extensive experience working with teenagers. Our students are guided by talented teachers who care. 

Most of our courses make use of our unique setting and address themes with daily relevance to students' experiences at the school. We also strive for a smooth academic transition, ensuring that each student is fully prepared to reenter the curriculum of the home school. 

Academic Courses
Students take five academic classes for a full semester credit. English and Environmental Science are required, and students take three of the following: Math, Language (French, Spanish, Latin, Chinese), U.S. History, Physics, Chemistry (spring only), Humanities and Studio Art. Every student participates in our Outdoor Program which counts as a Physical Education credit. Our classes are all offered at the Honors or AP level. 

Because our forty-five students come from over thirty different schools, this diversity of voices helps to make class discussions dynamic and engaging. Mountain School classes are small and interactive, with an emphasis on effective public speaking, collaborative problem-solving, and experiential learning—much of it outdoors. Classes range in size from two to sixteen, with an average class size of eight. 

Watch our video about our academic program: