Weekly activities are opportunities for students and faculty to spend two and a half hours doing something fun and exciting together. Faculty members and some students offer these special activities, and students sign up for the one of their choice. Activities happen in the late fall and early spring, when there isn't much work to be done on the farm. Usually, students get to participate in two different activities. Some examples: 

  • Backcountry Conditioning: Also known as the ridge runners, students who join this activity train in the hill country west of the Mountain School. This is a great way to see some of the wilder sections of Orange County while training for sports at home.

  • Knitting: In this activity, students can learn how to knit or develop their knitting skills. Students make hats, mittens, scarves, and sweaters using local wool.

  • Cooking: Students help Marilyn or Pam cook dinner and can usually choose to cook whatever dessert or dish they want.

  • Dance: Students learn a variety of dances from around the world from partner dances like salsa and merengue to West African rhythms.

  • Tracking: A small group of students joins Alden in identifying and following the tracks and trails of wild animals. On or near campus, they've trailed mammals such as black bears, moose, foxes, fishers, and bobcats.

  • Sugar Crew: During sugar season, the sugar crew goes out to the sugarbush and taps trees, hangs buckets, collects sap and boils syrup. The sugar crew produces the maple syrup that we use every morning.

  • Yoga: Students follow a yoga practice through several different postures, adding each week to poses they've learned.

  • Art: This is a chance for students to explore a variety of art media or project of their own choosing. Projects have ranged from oil painting, to sculpture, to woodworking, to even some homemade clothing.

  • Cross Country Skiing: The skiing group gets to spend one afternoon a week exploring the trails around the Mountain School campus and refining their skiing skills. No previous experience required!

  • Rustic Furniture Building: Rustic Furniture Building—using hand tools and materials from our own forests, students learn to make mortise and tenon joints to create a table.

  • Capoeira: A Brazilian martial art and dance, students learn the fundamental movements and practice playing, singing, and fighting to the music.

  • Paper mache art: Students build giant structures and cover them with paper mache and paint. The creatures are featured in local festivals and activities in town.