Sample Schedule

7:45    Morning Chores: feed wood into wood furnace to keep the heat going at school.

8:00    Breakfast: buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup from our very own sugar bush.

8:25    Morning Meeting: announcements, news, dorm skit.

8:45    English: listen to journal readings and discuss a Robert Frost poem outdoors

9:40    Pre-Calculus: hand in elliptical table design and review with group for test.

10:30     Snack time: carrots from the farm with hummus.

10:40    Art: spend time doing my daily sketch of my chosen tree in my sketchbook.

11:35    Free Period: go for a walk for advisor meeting, work on Environmental Science homework.

12:25    Lunch: eat homemade pizza and salad from the greenhouse.

1:30    Work Period: plant a new batch of greens in the greenhouse.

4:10    Environmental Science: visit my science site with a friend and take soil samples.

5:05    Humanities: current events presentation on biotechnology and discussion of Ishmael in groups of four.

6:15    Dinner: chicken and squash from the farm, and brownies.

7:30    Quiet Study Time: work on speech for English, finish reading Ishmael for Humanities, sketch tree branches at sunset for Art, study for Precalculus test, and analyze samples for Environmental Science.

9:30    Dorm Check-in: hang out with roommates.