School Rules

Because we respect the goodwill of the students who have chosen to attend the Mountain School, we expect them to be our partners in creating an atmosphere of trust and respect for others. If a student chooses not to enter into the spirit of that partnership by failing to abide by the major school rules, he or she may be asked to leave the Mountain School. We have four major school rules:

  • Tell the truth. We expect students to avoid plagiarism, cheating, stealing, lying, and other forms of deceit.
  • Respect others and their property. Physical or verbal harassment, including sexual harassment, is a breach of this standard.
  • Let a teacher know where you are. While students may seek adventures, we must be aware of where they are at all times.
  • Have clean fun. Students may not possess or do drugs, including alcohol.

We also expect incoming students to stop smoking or using tobacco in any form before they arrive. If a student is unable to quit before that time and talks to a faculty member, we will help that student stop smoking while here.

In the case of a rule infraction, a small committee of student and teachers—equally represented—meets to recommend appropriate consequences to the Director. The goals of that committee are to protect the school culture, preserve the self-esteem of the student involved, and to act in absolute fairness.

There are some other important guidelines not listed above—some established by the school, and others established by each semester of students.