On Friday evenings and Saturday mornings, we explore together issues and experiences that are integral to the semester experience, but which transcend any particular academic discipline. Friday evening sessions focus on understanding ourselves and our relationships with others and the larger world. These activities have included relaxed, small-group discussions in faculty homes, a guest speaker, a panel of local hunters who talk about their experiences, and student-led conversations related to gender, politics, or the group dynamic of the semester. Saturday morning sessions help us connect with the local landscape and community. These activities have included bringing in a neighbor’s firewood, releasing wild apple trees for wildlife management, making maple syrup, visiting a local dairy farm, and exploring the forests, fields, and rivers of Vershire.

After Saturday morning’s program, students have the opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves—to hike, swim, cross country ski, do laundry, read, or just hang out with friends. Throughout the week, a group of faculty and students meet and plan some fun activities for the weekend. These options have included:

Saturday afternoon: a hike, pick-up soccer or basketball, farm olympics, trip to town

Saturday night: a dance, coffee house, 3-on-3 basketball tournament, party at the sugar house, dramatic improvisations

Sunday morning: trips to local churches, sleeping late, preparing a lavish brunch for the school

Sunday afternoon: relaxing, studying, playing ultimate frisbee, soccer, basketball or broomball

Free time begins at Saturday lunch and continues until Sunday dinner. Although students may go home any weekend, most choose to stay here.