Outdoor Program

Many miles of forests, mountains, freshwater streams, and marshes stretch in every direction from our campus. The Outdoor Program helps every student develop the skills to travel safely and comfortably outside, to camp with minimal impact on the land, and to understand the intricacies of the natural world. On weekly outdoor hikes, students gain proficiency in map and compass skills and basic camping techniques. A three-night, four-day solo camping trip in the early fall or late spring allows each student to practice these skills and to connect intimately with one specific place. We have designed a solo camping experience that allows even those who have never previously slept outdoors to thrive.

The Outdoor Program encourages students to try recreational activities specific to our locale. This might mean hiking through the woods on a moonlit night or cross-country skiing on our campus trails. Safety is always our highest priority: all faculty-members are certified in First Aid and CPR, outdoor leaders receive further wilderness medical training, and several members of our faculty serve the wider community as first responders and EMTs.